Our Cantastic Customers Love Clean Garbage Cans

Real testimonials from homeowners just like you, who love the clean, fresh smell of Cantastic services.

I flagged this truck down on my street, jumped at the opportunity to clean my garbage cans. Well worth the money!!! They are spotless!! Will be calling again. Also the payment and scheduling process on their website was super easy and quick!! The technician was very professional and positive. I'll definitely be calling these guys again.

Jordan Hopgood
I am amazed! My cans were cleaned by Cantastic and they look amazing, smell amazing, and the person who came to clean them was quick and efficient. I never knew how much I loved having someone clean my garbage cans...until now!

Chelsea Villanueva
Friendly and professional on the phone. Very well organized. Great cleaning, and perfectly on schedule. A great over-all value!

Bob Duffin
They did an excellent job cleaning! So happy to have our garbage cans in such great condition! A helpful and pleasant employee helped me to set it all up very efficiently too!

Jane Sanders
Best money I’ve ever spent! They were very nice, professional and made sure they did a good job! I even saw them help one of my neighbors take her garbage cans in! I will definitely be using their services again!

Bree Vincent