Residential and Commercial Power Washing

At Cantastic, we not only clean trash receptacles and dumpsters, keeping them looking and smelling like new, we also offer residential and commercial power washing services for commercial properties, store fronts, fleet vehicles, shopping carts, driveways, patio’s, sidewalks, dumpster areas and more. Our state-of-the art cleaning process and equipment cleans and sanitizes, preventing the build-up of harmful bacteria and leftover garbage that can attract unwelcome pests. We know trash cans and dumpsters aren’t the only dirty job you need to handle. Over time, the sidewalks and pavement around your home or business can collect imbedded dirt, making your property appear old and dingy.

Cantastic’s power washing services clean deep down into paved surfaces, making these areas look fresh and clean again. Our cleaning services use 195-degree water and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to deodorize and sanitize your dirty surfaces. So, when who-knows-what has spilled onto your driveway or carport, Cantastic has the power and the resources to make it disappear. Don’t let your dirty surfaces stick around, because whatever is lurking on your sidewalk outside, will eventually make its way into your home or office.

If your garbage containers or pavement need some much-needed attention, call Cantastic today. Our affordable cleaning services can be scheduled monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or even annually, to work with your schedule and cleaning needs.