Eliminate Insects

Our trash can cleaning service can prevent disease ridden insects and rodents from bringing other health hazards into your home.
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Removes Odors

Our garbage bin washing trucks clean 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses and leave your garbage cans looking and smelling Cantastic.
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Saves Time

No need to get out your hoses, pressure washers and hazmat gear to clean your cans. Let our garbage bin washing technicians handle the dirty work.
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Cost Effective

We offer affordable trash can cleaning, yard can, and dumpster cleaning services as often as every month, quarterly or annually.
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About Cantastic

Cantastic provides professional garbage can cleaning services for homeowners and businesses. Our innovative cleaning equipment and process cleans, sanitizes and disinfects your garbage cans leaving them looking and smelling just like new. Interested in owning a Cantastic franchise? Contact us today to learn more about our growing company.

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