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Work From the Comfort of Your Own Home

There is no commercial building required when you start a trash can cleaning company with Cantastic, keeping your overhead cost lower. In today’s economy working from home is becoming more common. Our goal for you is to start a business today without having high monthly rent for an office or building. Having this extra expense can lock you into a 18-36 month lease agreement, which we don’t want you to incur at this point for your business.

The follow up question to the possibility of working from home is always: “Where will I park my trucks?” Initially you will only have one truck. We will discuss several options with you such as: you are an employee parking at home, finding a strategic spot that sees a lot of traffic to park it when it is not in use, general storing at a commercial location, or parking at a location as trade work. A lot of this will depend on your connections and relationships with other business owners in your area currently, your willingness to start discussing trade work options with people, and also finding a storage location that is central to your business operations.

Setting up a merchant account when you start your trash can cleaning company with Cantastic will allow your business to accept credit card payments and direct that money to your bank account. This process can be a long and daunting process. We have set up a way for you to get this process set up in a simple and quick manner. We will connect you to a third party processor, offering the following advantages:

  • One on one support
  • You get a dedicated support representative in addition to 24/7/365 extended support
  • Active account monitoring
  • We routinely audit our clients accounts to make sure you're paying the lowest rates possible.
  • Rates tailored to your needs
  • Your account is optimized to meet the demands of your clients, while saving you money

Any business that provides multiple streams of income is dynamic and our business has focused primarily on residential garbage can cleaning. When you start a trash can cleaning company with Cantastic a second stream of income is already available right from the start in residential, commercial, and industrial power washing. Offering power washing can be very lucrative but also takes extra planning. A third area of emphasis is dumpster cleaning, which will be available Spring 2020. We want to emphasize to our franchisees that this business is not a "get-rich-overnight" business. If you are willing to work hard, are capable of building congruent teams, follow the training systems we have developed, utilize resources proven repeatedly, and execute the Cantastic systems and processes then congratulations and welcome to Cantastic.

In the beginning of starting your trash can cleaning company, growth will be slow as brand awareness will take time to grow and current customers become a witness of our dependability and start referring to us. Marketing can become very time-consuming and overwhelming to any small business owner. However, Cantastic has developed its streamlined solution for marketing to occur seamlessly for your business. Our marketing vision is simple, here are 5 things that will happen before your launch date to set you off on the right foot: SEO (Search Engine Optimization), create a social media presence, tangible marketing tools (such as business cards, door knob hangers, etc.), and local news stories (like a morning show) all in place weeks before your launch date.

The subscription model is the perfect solution for our industry, and one of the major benefits of starting a trash can cleaning company instead of another franchise for sale. We provide flexibility to charge customers annually, quarterly, bimonthly, monthly, or even one time. Providing the subscription model saves time, both for the franchisee and customers. Payments come in automatically customized to the payment structure the customer has chosen. When a card declines, our customers receive an email informing them and also providing them step by step instruction on accessing the customer portal to update their information in a secure location. This alleviates the time consuming act of calling our customers, potentially playing phone tag back and forth and taking too long to resolve the issue.

The purpose of this snapshot is to show you an actual example of a long day for one of our Cantastic technicians. This is an example of the data our iRoutes software will collect, this is actual data taken from our route in Salt Lake City, Utah on Wednesday, March 25th 2020 (from one truck and one driver). Keep in mind this driver has worked with Cantastic for 2 years and is well trained. Your life will be blessed to have a portion of the training your employees receive, offered by him during training.

The driver time includes route preparation time, which includes drive time to and from the start and end point of the route back to where the vehicle is stored and fulfilling a simple daily checklist items such as filling up with water, dumping water, fuel up, equipment check, small maintenance items and more. This route was completed during the Coronavirus pandemic, portions of several routes were combined in an effort to keep our routes caught up. This is not a typical route size. Please be aware these types of results are not to be expected right at the beginning, but through hard work and following our turnkey systems and processes these are absolutely possible as your business grows.

Stats for Technician on March 25, 2020
Total Customers Serviced 88
Total Cans Serviced 166
Total Gallons of Water Used 710
Route Preparation Time 1.5 hours
Actual Route Cleaning Hours 10.5 hours
Total Technician Hours 12
Total Miles Driven to Begin 43
Total Miles Driven after Route 32
Total Miles Driven during Route 57
Total Miles Driven 132
Total Route Value $2,077.10

Customer retention rate will tell you a lot about a business. To do it and show it with a proven track record over time you must execute at a high level everyday. Our strategy to retain customers is simple: we have created the systems to maintain and care for our customers. A benefit of excellent customer service is they tell their friends and family about us. The systems and processes we have created keep customers informed, serviced, and happy.

Here are few reasons you can expect customer retention to be so high when you buy a Cantastic franchise for sale: they're informed of their cleaning date shortly after an order is placed, text and email reminders prior to each service, a flexible payment structure, services always provided on time, our technicians are clean-cut and friendly, and many more.