Frequently Asked Questions

No, We have several different trucks we use in Salt Lake City Utah. When you’re buying a garbage bin cleaning truck with our franchise, you’re receiving equipment that is designed for results. Two of our trucks are retrofitted garbage trucks that are primarily used for marketing, parades, home and garden shows, and County fairs. The other trucks and trailers you may have seen on our social media platforms are dual bin cleaning systems that lift two cans at a time but only actually clean one at a time.

We have invested a considerable amount of engineering, time, and money into developing a cleaning system to attach to the back of a 19,500lb Hino truck. The Franchise model truck will clean two residential garbage cans at the same time and will have the ability to clean 2 to 10 yard dumpsters. You can rest assured you will be buying a garbage bin cleaning truck of the highest quality.

Once you buy a garbage bin cleaning truck franchise and financing is secure, the actual build will take 4-6 week.

No CDL required.

We have third-party financing available for buying a garbage bin cleaning truck within our franchise.

No, you can work from home.

We estimate between 90-120 days depending on 3 factors:

  • This could be completed under 90 days if you currently don’t have a day job and can complete your pre launch checklist sooner.
  • Depends if you live in a registration or non-registration state which registration process could take a few months.
  • Depends on equipment availability and how soon you can be approved for financing to start the building of your truck.

Yes, our goal is to give you a territory of approximately 250,000 in population. Sometimes if there is a County border close to that number we will just use the County borders. We will go through a process to select zip codes and identify the area you are interested in.

Yes you will have first refusal rights on surrounding areas. If we have interest from a potential new franchise owner, we will contact you and give you the rights to purchase additional areas first.

It may be helpful to have a business in your name if you are searching for financing options for buying your garbage bin cleaning truck franchise, and there will be advantages in having business experience if you've owned or run a business before. However there is no business experience needed.


Yes, each month you will be required to pay 3% to local, and 1% to national marketing campaigns.

The 5th of the following month.

We have developed custom software specific to the waste cleaning industry. This will allow you to manage your business, spending less time doing administration and more time enrolling new customers.