Industry Leading Equipment

Experience matters. We have years of specialized pressure washing experience, and actual hands on knowledge of every detail pertaining to garbage can cleaning equipment. We have engineered the perfect garbage can cleaning truck in order to give our owners an incredible franchise opportunity. Cantastic has taken innovation to the next level. Our truck will not only clean two residential garbage cans at the same time but also 2-10 yard dumpsters on the same truck. Our powerful garbage can cleaning trucks are built on a brand new Hino 195 with a 100% custom built bed and bin washing set up. We create solutions that fit your needs. We have taken some of our industry leading products that have proven themselves in the field as reliable with reputable manufacturers that stand behind their product.

What if we could show you a company that stands with you and a business that only works with the best brands who have a global reach? Wouldn't that be a breath of fresh air?

We deliver custom equipment that is used all over the county built with trust brands. Our custom built garbage can cleaning truck will be the backbone to your business by giving you equipment you can depend on. This along with Cantastacts support will ensure the reliability of your service to build trust within your community. We can map out the road to a successful business when you choose our garbage can cleaning franchise opportunity.

Our Cleaning system consists of a Kubota Diesel engine hooked up to a 12gpm @ 3,000psi pump and will be heated with a custom built diesel heating system. We will be drawing out of a 525gal freshwater tank that feeds two high pressure reels, or two bin cleaning nozzles. This will clean either two cans or a dumpster with just the push of a button and the turning of a valve, along with the two high pressure reels to adapt and tackle even the most challenging of cleaning projects. Our cleaning hooper and black water tanks will hold all of your wastewater, we also have custom built screens to keep out the large, and some of the smaller, debris out of the tanks. Having the right equipment to clean cans when everything is going right is the first step but we want to see you successful at all times. So along with your advanced garbage can cleaning truck we will be including a roadside washer emergency kit. This kit will include some tools, valves, quick connects, o-rings, back up hoses and other things that could come up while you are on the go.