Employment Opportunities

Cantastic Service Technician

Description: Why Cantastic: Garbage can Cleaning is an exploding industry. We have invested a considerable amount of time and money into our own customized software. We have just sold our first turnkey Franchise in Oregon and are set to sell Nationwide now. Yes, to start your career you will be cleaning garbage cans but stick around long enough and you could potentially be a player in the Cantastic Franchise system in sales, marketing, franchise development, legal, web systems, equipment production, service, etc. Experience Needed: You will be provided all the training necessary. You will be interacting with many customers who come out and talk to you because they love our service. You will also have many people that will approach you wanting to sign up. If you don’t like interacting with people and generally are not a friendly person this job is not for you. Seasonal work: Right now this job time frame is The middle of February until the end of November. There is 12 week period we usually take off during the winter. There is occasional commercial type jobs on the winter and work in Washington County. We are currently in the process of lining up more work to make this position year round. If you are open to traveling during the winter you can travel to new Franchise locations to open territories and train new owners on the Cantastic Frabchise system. Start date: Approximate start date: March 24th Benefits: We currently don’t have heath and medical benefits Job description: drive between 40-60 homes a day following a route cleaning residential trash and recycle cans. You will be dealing with dirty garbage cans and when done right you can generally go most of the day staying dry and clean. However now and again you may get dirty and deal with some very interesting smells. Driving record: CDL not required. Our insurance with do a history check of past 3 years. So be prepared to let us know about driving history in phone interview. Location: we cover Davis, Salt Lake, Weber, Washington, Utah, and Summit County. We can make this work if you live in any of these locations. In some situations it may be easier to drive a work truck home and just keep it at your house. Depending on your location we also have sites you could drive a car to each day. Starting Pay: $14.00 per hour with fast raises for fast learners after 90 days. Extra Commissions on top of hourly pay: Earn extra commissions anytime you enroll new customers that you contact or that come to you while out working. Work Days: Monday -Friday. Every once in awhile you will have a Monday, Thursday, or Friday off but generally will always have 40 hours a week. Work time frames: On average 11am -7pm. Someday you will start at anytime between 7am to 11am and finish at between 5-10pm. There are a variety of route sizes on concentration of # of stops in some areas.

Qualifications: Valid drivers licence Clean driving record Pass drug test

Expected Hourly Pay: $10.00 - $14.00

Job Type: Full-time (40 hours/week)

Work Location Type: You will be expected to do services on location.